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Organizations Attached to the Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Homepage / Organizations / Research Institutes and Centers / Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences

State Scientific and Production Amalgamation

9 Surganov Street, Minsk BY-220072, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 284-27-03. E-mail:

Founded 2007

Director General: Acad. Nikolai P. KRUT'KO, tel.: +375 (17) 284-27-23

State Scientific Institution

9 Surganov Street, Minsk BY-220072, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 284-27-03. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1959

Director: Corr. Member Anatoly A. KULAK, tel.: +375 (17) 284-27-23
Scientific Secretary: Cand.Chem.Sc. Halina V. BONDAREVA (Mrs.), tel.: +375 (17) 284-27-03

Field of Activities: Development of inorganic substances and composite materials with special properties. Studies of surface phenomena in dispersion systems

Subdivisions: departments of chemical fertilizers; composite materials; laboratories of phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers; potash fertilizers; composites; road-construction materials; polymer-containing dispersion; adsorbents and adsorption processes; reactive materials; chemistry of paintwork and binding materials; polyphosphoric compounds; physical-chemical investigation methods

Postgraduate Studies in the field of: 02.00.04 Physical chemistry; 02.00.11 Colloid chemistry and physical-chemical mechanics

Production and Services: test operation and quality control chemical on basis of surface active agents, polymers and bituminous cement; production of water treatment plants for local and centralized purification of potable water and sewage from industrial enterprises

State Scientific Institution

13 Surganov Street, Minsk BY-220072, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 284-16-79. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1929

Director: Corr. Mem. Alexander V. BILDYUKEVICH, tel.: +375 (17) 284-00-97
Scientific Secretary: Cand.Chem.Sc. Svetlana A. PROTSENKO (Mrs.), tel.: +375 (17) 284-16-79

Field of Activities: Creation of new polymeric materials of various purpose: chemisorption, ion exchange, selective-penetrable, abrasive-stable, ancillary auxiliary materials for the industry; new composite materials and materials with special properties for use in the industry, an agriculture, ecology, water preparation; chemically active polymeric materials and technologies of their use during purification water and air environments, as materials of medical purpose and means of protection of the person; new kinds of ultrafiltrational membranes and development of processes membrane divisions for the pharmaceutical, microbiological and medical industry, power system and other branches. Development of processing technique of substances of medical products for treatment of the diseases rendering the greatest social and economic damage to a society; ion exchange extraction of biologically active compounds, of methods of synthesis and technologies of reception of medicinal substances on the basis of amino acids, their derivatives,di- and tripeptides; of methods of synthesis functionally substituted organic and organoelement compounds for medicine, industry and agriculture

Subdivisions: departments of high-molecular compounds; medicinal substances; organic chemistry; laboratories of ion exchange and sorption; synthesis and research of properties ion exchange fibers; membrane processes; extraction; derivative aminoacids; organoelement compounds; organic catalysis; heterogeneous catalysis; physical and chemical methods of research; groups of mechanochemistry of high-molecular compounds; computer simulation; thematic groups of optical polarizers; microbiological synthesis; experimental plot for synthesis of medicinal substances

Postgraduate Studies in the field of: 02.00.03 Organic chemistry; 02.00.04 Physical chemistry; 02.00.06 High-molecular compounds

Production and Services: ion exchange fibrous materials FIBAN of industrial purpose, for preservation of the environment and health of the human; devices of filtrational and contact types for air purification from toxic gases; membranes and membrane equipment; stationary and portable filters of water purification of household and industrial purpose; artificial ion excange substrates BIONA for cultivation and clonings of plants; technologies of reception biologically active compounds including high-purity amino acids, their derivatives, di- and threepeptides; food additives (components of a children's feed); fragrant substances for perfumery compositions; food aromatizatory; boron and silicon containing materials for microelectronics; bioactive substances of heterocyclic and chloraliphatic series; composite materials and protective coatings for the building products

Investment Projects: Creation of production of the capillary membrane and water treatment equipment based on them

State Scientific Institution

5/2 Academician V.F.Kuprevich Street, Minsk BY-220141, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 267-87-61. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1974

Director: Cand.Chem.Sc. Svetlana V. BABITSKAYA (Mrs.), tel.: +375 (17) 267-87-61

Field of Activities: Basic and applied research of chemistry, structure and function of biomolecules. Development and experimental industrial output of immunochemical and molecular biology reagent kits and pharmaceuticals for medical and veterinary diagnostics and therapy, and creation of technologies for production and application of growth stimulators and means of protection of plants

Subdivisions: departments of agricultural preparations; immunochemical and molecular biology means of diagnostics; chemistry of medicinal substances; laboratories of lipid chemistry; prostaglandin chemistry; steroid chemistry; ecdysteroid chemistry; pesticide testing and physical-chemical methods; protein engeneering; medical microanalysis; protein hormone chemistry; mechanisms and kinetics of enzymatic processes; molecular diagnostic and biotechnology; applied enzymology; chemistry of nucleotides and polynucleotides; nucleoprotein biophysics and biochemistry; applied biochemistry and biotesting; Self-supporting Pilot Production

Postgraduate Studies in the field of: 02.00.03 Organic chemistry; 02.00.10 Bioorganic chemistry; 03.00.04 Biochemistry

Postdoctoral Training in the field of: 02.00.03 Organic chemistry; 02.00.10 Bioorganic chemistry; 03.00.04 Biochemistry

Production and Services: diagnostic kits; pharmaceuticals; chemical weed and pest killers, insect pheromones; high resolution NMR-spectroscopy, mass-spectroscopy

Unitary Enterprise

5/3 Academician V.F.Kuprevich Street, Minsk BY-220141, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 369-82-57. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1986

Director: Cand.Chem.Sc. Vladimir V. SIMIRSKIY, tel.: +375 (17) 268-11-51

Field of Activities: Developments and production of immunochemical test-systems (kits) for in vitro diagnostics of human diseases. Production of pharmaceutical substances and medicines

Subdivisions: departments of radioimmunoassay kits production; non-isotopic kits production; commercial; quality control group

Production and Services: radioimmunoassay, enzyme immunoassay, immufluorescenceassay kits for diagnostics of different human diseases somatic and infection; special tubes for rapid preparation of human serum; pharmaceutical substances and medicines

State Scientific Institution

10 Fr. Skaryna Street, Minsk BY-220114, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 267-24-13. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1932

Director: Corr. Mem. Aleksandr K. KARABANOV, tel.: +375 (17) 267-26-32
Scientific Secretary: Cand.Techn.Sc. Halina A. KAMYSHENKA, tel.: +375 (17) 267-20-33

Field of Activities: Development of scientific bases of nature management and deposits, environmental protection, assessment, prognostication and optimization of anthropogenic impacts on natural complexes. Scientific substantiation of the creation of resource-saving technologies of mining, processing and use of solid fuels. Study of formation and estimation of fresh drinking and mineral waters condition; study of crust geodynamics and modern geological processes on the territory of Belarus. A geoecological substantiation of designing and accommodation of especially responsible structures and ecologycally dangerous objects

Subdivisions: laboratories of geosystems optimization; transboundary pollution and climatology; landscapes biogeochemistry; agroecology; eco-technologies; physical-chemical mechanics of natural dispersed systems; the use and protection of peat and sapropel deposits; geodynamics and paleogeography; hydrogeology and hydroecology

Postgraduate Studies in the field of: 05.17.07 Chemiсal technology of fuel and high-power substances; 25.01.01 General and regional geology; 25.02.10 Geotechnology (underground, open and construction); 25.03.05 Soil hydrology, water resources, hydro-chemistry; 25.03.08 Меteorology, climatology, agrometeorology; 25.03.13 Geoecology

Production and Services: development of technologies to produce products based on peat, sapropel, brown coal (sorbent, grounds, organic fertilizers, biologically active preparations for plant growing and animal breeding, activated carbons, dyes, etc.); technologies of conservation oils, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, thin-film covers on the basis of products of oil-chemical synthesis for metal-treating industry, protection of agricultural equipment, vehicles, production; technologies of extraction and application of lake sapropels and those under peat; certification tests of peat-, sapropel-, brown coals -based products, etc.; fundamental and applied researches on climatology, geoecology, hydrogeology, geodynamics, geography, paleogeography

Investment Projects: The organization of expanded production of highly effective complex liquid micronutrients based on peat humates for foliar treatment plants, encrustation of seeds and addition for mineral fertilizers

State Scientific Institution

204 Moskovskaya Street, Brest BY-224020, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (162) 41-34-28. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 2005

Director: Cand.Biol.Sc. Nikolai V. MIHALCHUK, tel.: +375 (162) 41-80-81
Acting Scientific Secretary: Elena A. BRYL, tel.: +375 (162) 41-34-28

Field of Activities: Carrying out of research on biosphere-compatible wildlife management and preservation of the environment in modern conditions of Polessye region. Realization of monitoring of an environment and an ecological situation in the the reclamative-transformed territories of the Belarusian Polessye. Working out and realization of regional projects and programs of innovative activity in sphere of increase of efficiency of agrarian sector of economy and preservation of the environment

Subdivisions: laboratories of agrobiology; biochemistry; optimization of ecosystems; hydroecology and ecotechnologies; section of quality forages

Production and Services: sort test and the adapted crop rotations on cultivation fodder, leguminous and grain crops on the reclaimed earths; laboratory research of quality of forages and quality of water; working out of biologically active additives and norms of water consumption; substantiations of especially protected natural territories, zones of sanitary protection of sources of water supply, of water security zones and coastal strips; working out of local treatment facilities, an estimation of influences on environment; water-balance calculations; monitoring of ecosystems and biological variety; consultations concerning preservation of the environment and agriculture

State Institution

16 Komsomolskaya, Minsk BY-220030, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 306-29-34. E-mail:

Founded 2007

Head: Oleg V. SNYTIN, tel.: +375 (17) 306-37-40

Field of Activities: Provision and participation in the complex scientific research in the polar regions of the Earth in order to assess and monitor the environment, the use of high-latitude regions of the planet in the long-term political, economic and scientific interests of the Republic of Belarus. The organization and execution of expeditionary logistics tinning works of national polar expeditions, interaction with organizations in other countries, conducting the study the Earth's polar and international agencies operating in the Antarctic Treaty

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