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NASB Presidents Since 1928

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The 9th President - Vladimir P. PLATONOV

Platonov, Vladimir Petrovich (Born: 01.12.1939)

Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (since 1967), Professor.
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Elected in 1972 on speciality Mathematics.

Membership of other Academies, Scientific Societies and Councils
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Foreign Member of the Indian National Academy of Sciences,
Honorary Member of Henan Academy of Sciences (China),
Member of the Creativity Academy (Science, Culture, Public Activity) (Moscow),
Academician of the New York Academy of Sciences,
Member of the American Mathematical Society,
Member of the Canadian Mathematical Society.

Research areas
Mathematics: algebra, algebraic geometry, theory of numbers.

Main Publications
1. Tannaka-Artin problem and reduced K-Theory // Izvestiya AN SSSR. Vol.40, No.2 (1976).
2. Algebraic groups and number theory. Moscow, 1991.
3. Linear preserver problems and algebraic groups // Mathemat. Annalen. Vol.303 (1995).
4. The rationality problem for semisimple group varieties // J. Reine Angew.Math. Vol.504 (1998).

1. Vladimir Petrovich Platonov (On the occasion of the 60th birthday anniversary). (In Russian).
2. Vladimir Petrovich Platonov (on his 60th birthday) // Uspekhi Matematicheskikh Nauk. 2000. Vol.55, Issue 3.

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