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Весці Нац. акадэміі навук Беларусі, Сер. біял. навук, 2001, No.4

Галоўная старонка / Выданні акадэміі / Навуковыя часопісы

Весці Нац. акадэміі навук Беларусі, Сер. біял. навук, 2001, No.4

Весці Нацыянальнай акадэміі навук Беларусі

Выдавец: Выдавецкі дом Беларуская навука, Мінск, Рэспубліка Беларусь

Нумар 4, 2001

Папярэдні Часопіс Наступны



Hetko N.V., Zavadskaya L.V., Kronyvets V.S.
Anatomical and biochemical investigations of the lily species and cultivar resistance to injuring by Botrytis cinerea Pers. pp. 5--9

Summary: The anatomical structure and biochemical characteristics of lily species and cultivar leaves in connection with injuring by the pathogen Botrytis cinerea Peis. are studied. It is shown that structural protectors means against Botrytis within the genus Lilium L. are not formed. The plant immunity has the chemical nature and is related with the leaf metabolic trend in specific environmental conditions. Leaf globulin and albumin accumulation-limiting factors and those initiating flavonol catechin, and chlorogenic acid synthesis positively influence this process.

Morozov O.V.
The biology of productive long-term functioning of red whortleberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.) plantations. pp. 10--13

Summary: In 10-year agrocenoses of common red whortleberry grown in different edafic conditions there occur active processes of growth of surfase and subsurface vegetative organs, which results in a fairly high reproduction capacity. The data obtained do not suggest impairment of their state both on peat and sand soils in the future. Higher indices of the berry development, however, are observed on the peat soil. The long-term funtioning of red whortleberry plantations is based on permanent formation of new partial berry bushes due to continuous subsurface vegetative development.

Volynets A.P., Pshenichnaya L.A., Goncharik N.N.
Flavonoids of vegetative and generative organs of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). pp. 14--17

Summary: Flavonoid compounds of vegetative and generative organs of spring wheat in the milk ripeness phase were comparatively analyzed. Of 27 components revealed 11 flavonoid glycosides were common for the spike and photosynthesizing organs, 9 glycosides were found in the stems with leaves, and 7 glycosides and aglycones only in the spike. A detailed identification of flavonoid compounds represented mainly by C-glycosides of luteolin and apigenin and their O-derivative is given.

Voznyachuk I.P.
Transformation of the moss, herb and dwarf shrub layers in forests of the sanitary protective zone of Novopolotsk Oil Industrial Complex. pp. 18--21

Summary: The researches conducted in forests (500 m from forest edge), within the reach of Novopolotsk Oil Industry Complex pollution revealed the character and direction of changes occurring in the moss, herb and dwarf shrub layer. As a results of reduction of the waste amount the layer began to reestablish its vegetational cover. The relation of reestablishment activity both to the proximity of emission sources and the structure of the vegetative community was found.

Perevolotsky A.N., Bulavik I.M., Didenko L.G.
Some peculiarities of the 90Sr and 90Y accumulation in birch sap. pp. 22--26

Summary: The 90Sr and 90Y accumulation in birch sap was investigated using the b-radiometry methods. The dynamics of volume beta activity of these radionuclides was studied over a period of 720 hours. It was found that the rate of the root contribution of 90Y into birch sap is 4.6 to 4.9 times higher than that of 90Sr.

Kul'minskaya I.V., Gordei I.V., Guzyuk L.I., Ukrainko A.P.
Development of winter rye triploid forms based on population varieties and self-fertile lines (Secale cereale L.). pp. 27--29

Summary: Efficiency of tetraploid-diploid crossing of winter rye was shown to depend on the genotype of parental forms and pollinating conditions. Application of heterozygous forms provides a more stable triploid yield.

Porubova G.M.
Experimental investigation of combined blastomogenic effect of chronic low-dose ionizing radiation and chemical carcinogen. pp. 30--33

Summary: Exposure of high- and low cancer lines of mice in the radiocontaminated area of Cherikov district in Gomel region (dose rate 380--400 mR/h) for 120 days caused intensification of urethan -- induced carcinogenesis in the lungs of the high-cancer mouse line and did not exert a modifying effect on urethan pulmonary carcinogenesis in low-cancer animals. The findings indicate to genetic determination of body sensitivity to a complex blastomogenic effect of the factors studied.

Bazhanov D.P., Bazbanova A.A.
Hybridization analysis of mutants of a nitrogen fixing rhizosphere bacterium Pseudomonas sp. 418. pp. 34--37

Summary: A Southern blot analysis indicated that root colonization or nitrogen fixation defective mutants of the rhizosphere bacterium Pseudomonas sp. 418 bore Tn5 insertions in the EcoR1 DNA fragments of up to 22.0 kb in size. At least 30% of mutants had additional insertions of IS50. In 5 of 8 independent nitrogen fixation impaired mutants Tn5 was inserted into the fragments of the same length, which indicated that nitrogen fixation genes of Pseudomonas sp. 418 were clustered. Insertions of Tn5 into the adjacent regions of the same DNA fragment were found in 2 of 10 mutants defective in root colonization. Genes nifA, ntrB and ntrC from K. pneumoniae and nifA from R.meliloti were used as probes in hybridization with DNA of the nitrogen fixation impaired mutants. No Tn5 insertions into the fragments homologous to these probes were found.

Vadetskaya T.N., Vorobei A.V.
Selective sensitization by tetrasulfophenylporphin of photoinjuries of spectrin in erythrocyte membranes. pp. 38--40

Summary: Peculiarities of photodamages of proteins upon sensitization of membranes by tetrasulfophenylporphin incorporated in reconstructed erythrocyte ghosts, binding of this porphyrin with spectrin isolated from the ghosts, and photosensitized oxidation of protein tryptophanyles were investigated. The results suggest a predominant photooxidation of spectrin polypeptides in erythrocyte membranes sensitized by hydrophilic porphyrin tetrasulfophenylporphin which is localized on membrane-buffer interphase.

Makarov V.N., Kalitukho L.N., Kabashnikova L.F.
Possibilities of obtaining photoheterotrophic tissues of cereals in culture in vitro. pp. 41--44

Summary: The callus cultures of cereals of various genotypes essentially differ on the degree of growth, biosynthesis of photosynthetic pigments and possibility for regeneration. Prolonged growth of these cultures leads to the loss of morphogenic and pigment-synthesizing activity.

Kananovich S.Zh.
Intramolecular dynamics of alkaline phosphatase Escherichia coli during proteolytic modification. pp. 45--47

Summary: With the help of the tryptophan phosphorescence method at room temperature, it is shown that trypsin modification of alkaline phosphatase translates a protein molecule in to a new, different from native, structural - dynamic state with an increased large-scale intramolecular dynamics. The changes of intramolecular dynamics, induced by trypsin, are coupled with lowering enzyme activity of alkaline phosphatase.

Goman N.M., Radyuk M.S.
Dynamics of Mg-containing chlorophyll precursors in greening barley leaves (Hordeum vulgare L.). pp. 48--52

Summary: Kinetics of the longwavelength fluorescence and content of protochlorophyllide (Pchld) as well as that of Mg-protoporphyrin IX and its monomethyl ester (MgPP(E)) during greening of etiolated barley leaves were investigated. It was shown that all three kinetics -- intensity of Pchld fluorescence, content of MgPP and Pchld pass through maxima at 2, 3-4, and 6-7 h of greening, respectively. During stepwise chlorophyll (Chl) accumulation the intensity of the longwavelength Pchld fluorescence and content of total Pchld change wavelike. In doing so, the local maxima of Pchld fluorescence were observed at the beginning, and Pchld content -- at the middle or end of the periods of the accelerated Chl accumulation. It is supposed that this reflects a process of alternate formation of the reaction centers and light harvesting complexes during stepwise development of the photosynthetic apparatus.

Belikova V.L., Bayeva S.V.
Problems of identification of saprophytic species of the fluorescent group of bacteria Pseudomonas. pp. 53--56

Summary: An attempt to identify about 120 strains of saprophytic fluorescent pseudomonads was made. The species affiliation problems in this bacterial group and the drawbacks of the current identification scheme [1] are discussed.

Belyasova N.A., Chayevskaya T.V., Bogdanova L.L., Dubatovka S.I., Gritz N.V.
Obtaining marked strains of lactococci suitable for genetic exchange. pp. 57--61

Summary: 34 starter strains of genera Lactococcus were characterized on basic attributes and a high degree of similarity between them was shown. Conditions of UV- and NG-mutagenesis and plasmid elimination for bacteria L. lactis ssp. lactis, L. lactis ssp. lactis var. diacetilactis and L. lactis ssp. cremoris were chosen. A series of marked strains was obtained which can be used in genetic exchange experiments with the given bacteria.

Khomenko A.I., Shadurskaya S.K., Shkrebneva I.I., Matveev A.M.
A comparative analysis of effects of anabolic drugs on the character and course of combined trauma. pp. 62--65

Summary: The experiments on rats showed that the pharmacotherapy course with somatotropin and anabolic steroids (retabolil and methylandrostendiol) led to decreased symptoms of acute ray damage, increased survival, and a shorter heating of bone fractures after combined irradiation and mechanical injury. The treatment with somatotropin was more effective than with anabolic steroids.

Parul D.A., Bokut S.B., Kiselev P.A., Syakhovich V.E., Yachnik N.N., Shilko A.N., Milyutin A.A.
Properties of 1,8-ANS bound with human oxyhemoglobin as a tool to monitor radioecological effects. pp. 66--69

Summary: Hemoglobin conformational state in pregnant women from different regions of Belarus with various levels of contamination by Cs-137 was investigated. We showed a tenfold decrease of hemoglobin affinity to the fluorescent probe 1,8-ANS for women from the regions with contamination density of 1.85--5.55 • 105 Bq/m2. Thus, we conclude that the method described in this study can be used to monitor hemoglobin conformational state changes as a function of radioecological impact on human health.

Popov E.G.
Age-related effects of g-radiation on testosterone-binding globulin characteristics and testosterone content in blood of rats. pp. 70--74

Summary: Prolonged external low-intensity (3.03 cGy/day) g-irradiation of Wistar male rats at different doses (25¸100 cGy), in varied periods of time, resulted in marked transitory increases in blood serum testosterone content, simultaneously accompanied by dramatic falls in specific testosterone-binding globulin concentration, coupled with regulatory-mediated changes of its molecular properties (cooperative and conformational reconstructions). The significance of the phenomena (as adaptational blood hormone-transport system reactions) for correction and compensation of radiation-induced disbalance is discussed.

Artsukevich A.N., Mal'tsev A.N., Dremza I.K., Vinogradov V.V.
Physical properties of thyroid microsomal membranes during emotional pain stress. pp. 75--77

Summary: Pain-emotional stress (PES) changes the physical properties of the lipid component of thyroid microsomal membranes in rats. Acute PES increases polarity and decreases microviscosity of anular lipids, and chronic PES increases both polarity and microviscosity of these lipids. A single exposure to stress does not result in any change of free lipid polarity, but decreases their microviscosity. Chronic PES enhances both polarity and microviscosity of free lipids. The data reveal the most prominent changes in the area of anular lipids. In PES, changes of lipid-protein and lipid-lipid interactions in thyrocyte microsomal membranes occur.

Gorbunova N.B.
An analysis of nerve growth factor forms in murine blood serum. pp. 78--81

Summary: The results suggest that the differences in quantification of the NGF concentrations in mouse blood are due to firstly, the use of different methods of determination, secondly, the interaction of b-nerve growth factor (b-NGF) with high-molecular serum proteins, and, thirdly, the presence of a variety of forms of NGF in mouse blood, j.e. from complex to subunits including intermediate associate forms.

Pashkevich S.G., Pevets N.V., Prishchepa L.I., Kul'chitsky V.A.
A comparative study of the effects of biological and chemical agents used for plant protection on the life functions of the rats. pp. 82--84

Summary: In chronic experiments on rats it was found that the chemical agent cypermetrine, in contrast to the biological agent baciturine, is capable of destabilizing a number of the functional systems of the organism when applied in concentrations that are effective for plant protection from pests. Intraperitoneal injection of cypermetrine in 2, 20 and 100% concentrations led to a decrease in the arterial pressure by 25-30% and the nociceptive reflex latency nearly by 100%.

Baranovskaya A.B., Shatrova V.A., Plikus M.V., Ostrovsky A.A.
Features of functioning of whisker and hair follicles in rats after epilation. pp. 85--88

Summary: Single pulling out of rat whiskers leads to a total synchronization of cyclic function of whisker follicles. Complete synchronization of rat hair follicles function on the abdominal skin is possible only after repeated epilation. The function of whisker follicles can be described more minutely than the function of body hair. Whisker follicles are a more convenient object for studing of anagen hair follicles, whereas a study of telogen hair follicle peculiarities is more advisable on body follicles.

Solovei I.A., Sidorovich V.E., Pikulik M.M., Martsinkevich G. I.
Assessment of the landscape structure in the Poozerre area in the aspect of ecological capacity of vertebrate habitats. pp. 89--96

Summary: Landscape heterogeneity and quality of various biotoprs in the Poozerre area as habitats of vertebrates were investigated. Variation of habitat carrying capacity and landscape heterogeneity in relation to history of the last glaciation and particularly in connection with the composition of its surface ground deposition was studied. Specific patterns of vertebrates community structure in the Poozerre area depending on the landscape specificity were revealed.

Novitsky R.V., Bakharev V.A., Andersen A.M., Adrados L.Ch., Briggs L.A.
Phenetic analysis of fire-bellied toads Bombina bombina L. (Anura; Amphibia) in Denmark and Belarus. pp. 97--100

Summary: During 1992--1999 3 samples (361 indiv.) from Belarus and 5 samples (317 indiv.) from Denmark were caught. A technique of description of belly spots was worked out. Geographical differences between evolutionarity age-different populations are discussed. There are tendency to convergence.

Lyashkevich E.A., Zubei A.U.
The size and age characterization of ichthyofauna from the fort Maskovitchi lakes region based on osteological material (Braslav's lakes). pp. 101--104

Summary: The ichthyofauna of the fort Maskovitchi (XII--XIII) in Braslav's lakes region is characterized. The bones belonged to 13 fish species, including the now vanished Baltic sturgeon Acipenser sturio. The main were Esox lucius, pike-perch Stizostedion lucioperca and perch Perca fluviatilis. Body size and age reconstructions are made.

Biesiadka E., Cichocka M., Moroz M.D.
Preliminary results of the investigation of aquatic mites (Acari: Hydracarina) in the Berezinski Biosphere reserve park. pp. 105--107

Summary: The fauna of water mites of the Berezina River in the Berezinski Biosphere Reserve Park was studied. Ten species were found, belonging to 6 families: Eylaidae -- 1, Hygrobatidae -- 4, Lebertiidae -- 1, Pionidae -- 1, Unionicolidae -- 2 and Mideopsidae -- 1. It is concluded that the fauna of aquatic mites is relatively rich and represented by a number of species rare in Belarus and Europe.



Litvyak V.V.
Effect of 2'-5' oligoadenylates on the turnover of ketoses in growing wheat. pp. 108--111

Summary: 2'-5' Oligoadenilates in 10-7 M and 10-10 M concentration, demonstrating the cytokinin-like activity, stimulated the turnover of ketoses in the growing wheat "Nadjeja". There was an increase in the fructose content, the activity of asid invertase and sucrose synthase in the reaction of sucrose synthase and a decrease in the sucrose content sucrose synthase activity in the reaction of sucrose degradation.

Kolbanova E.V., Kukharchik N.V.
Sap-borne viruses of black currant (Ribes nigrum). pp. 112--116

Summary: The phytosanitary state of black currant on mother and collection plantations of Belarus S. R. Institute for Fruit Growing was estimated by ELISA for the first time in Belarus. The ELISA-test established a high level of infection by RRV (70-100%). Viruses TBRV and SLRV infection depends on cultivar and varies from 0 to 100%. Virus AMV was not detected in tested collection plantations. Virus CMV was not detected in collection plantations, but there was 31% of this virus in a mother plantation. RRV, TBRV, SLRV, CMV concentrations increase in spring, so the detection of viruses in this season make ELISA test results more significant.

Rudnik O.A., Zakharevskii A.S., Morozova A.A.
Ability of the inosithexaphosphoric acid derivatives to bind lead. pp. 117--118

Summary: Calcium and lithium phytat -- derivatives of phytic acid and enterosorbent "Calfasorb" were investigated in order to study their chelating properties to lead. It was shown, that chelating properties of calcium phytat were 1.8-2 times higher as compared to other substances investigated.



Mel'nikov S.S., Manankina E.E., Ovchinnikova T.F., Naumova G.V.
Growth-regulating activity of products of hydrolysis of some plant materials. p. 119

Garanovich I.M., Makedonskaya N.V.
Effects of biodrugs on seminal reproduction of lilac. p. 119

Garanovich I.M., Makedonskaya N.V.
Peculiarities of green grafting of lilac cultivars. p. 119



Сущеня Л.М., Хотылева Л.В., Картель Н.А., Бормотов В.Е.
Антон Романович Жебрак (К 100-летию со дня рождения). С. 120--121
тут, каб прачытаць артыкул



Parfenov V.I., Budkevich T.A., Tret'yakov D.I.
50th Anniversary of the Belarussian Botanical Society. pp. 122--123.

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