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Organizations Attached to the Department of Medical Sciences

Homepage / Organizations / Research Institutes and Centers / Department of Medical Sciences

Republican Scientific Research Unitary Enterprise

Bulvar Leninskogo Komsomola, 50, 230030, Grodno, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (152) 43-41-21. E-mail:

Founded 1970

Director: Dr.Biol.Sci. Liliya I.NADOLNIK, tel.: +375 (152) 43-41-61
Scientific Secretary: Cand.Biol.Sc. Viktor A. AVERIN, tel.: +375 (152) 43-35-61

Field of Activities: Fundamental and applied research into mechanisms of the pathogenesis of liver diseases, cardiovascular and endocrine systems and alcohol dependence, pathologic states related to deficiency of essential micronutrients and effects of stress in order to develop methods for their prevention, diagnostics and treatment, laboratory production of pharmaceutical substances, design of innovative drugs, vitamin preparations and biologically active supplements

Subdivisions: departments of biochemical pharmacology; bioregulators; division of vitaminology and nutraceuticals; division of biotechnology of natural bioactive compounds

Postgraduate Studies in the field of: 03. 01.04 Biochemistry

Production and Services: isolation and purification of biologically active compounds, production of extracts from medicinal plants for pharmaceutical industry, development of new drugs (phytopreparations); qualitative and quantitative analyses of biologically active substances by liquid and gas chromatographies and spectroscopy

State Scientific Institution

28 Akademichnaya Street, Minsk BY-220072, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 284-16-30. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1953

Director: Dr.Med.Sc. Serhei V. GUBKIN, tel.: +375 (17) 284-16-30
Scientific Secretary: Cand.Biol.Sc. Natalia F. PAVLOVA (Mrs.), tel.: +375 (17) 284-16-30

Field of Activities: Fundamental and applied scientific research of the mechanisms of tissue hypoxia and ischemia, oncogenesis, pain and the effects of physical factors; development of new medicinal, diagnostic, prophylactic and rehabilitation technologies, instruments and appliances for medical application, medicinal and immuno-biological drugs, cell and molecular biology technologies

Subdivisions: laboratories of the modulation functions; cell technology; neurophysiology; scientific and technical support; nutrition and sports physiology; multidiagnostic; the centre of electron and light microscopy

Innovation Infrastructure: Branch Office of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer

Postgraduate Studies in the field of: 03.03.01 Physiology (Biological and Medical Sciences); 03.01.04 Biochemistry (Biological Sciences); 14.03.03 Pathological Physiology (Medical Sciences); 14.03.11 Regenerative Medicine, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Health Resort and Balneologia

Postdoctoral Training in the field of: 03.03.01 Physiology (Biological Sciences); 14.03.03 Pathological Physiology (Medical Sciences)

Production and Services: development and testing of a new physical therapy equipment; experiment research on functional feature of new substances, dietary supplements, new (developed) food, the study of the morphological, cytochemical and submicroscopic basis of violations of the mechanisms of functioning of the cardiovascular system, evaluation of health resort factors and rationale of the optimal power and profiling the sanatorium; conducting analysis of the general toxicity of the drug; performing hematological, biochemical and immunological laboratory studies

State Scientific Institution

4 Fedyuninskogo Street, Gomel BY-246007, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (232) 57-07-06. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1987

Director: Dr.Biol.Sc. Aleksandr D. NAUMOV, tel.: +375 (232) 57-07-06
Scientific Secretary: Cand.Biol.Sc. Olga L. FEDOSENKO (Mrs.), tel.: +375 (232) 57-63-15

Field of Activities: Monitoring and forecasting of environment, aftertreatment radioactive contaminated lands. Creating of new technologies for prophylaxis of diseases with use of bioactive additives, other medical agents. Development of protective measures for overcoming of the long-term radioecological consequences of Chernobyl accident. Research of adaptation mechanisms in organism of man to influence of environmental factors, including ionizing radiation

Subdivisions: laboratories of endocrinology and biochemistry; radioecology; combine impacts, joint Russian-Belarusian laboratory of electromagnetic and ionizing radiation; vivarium

Postgraduate Studies in the field of: 03.00.01 Radiobiology

Production and Services: preparations and alimentary additives with radioprotective, radiosorption and nutrient assignments, preparations for agricultural radiology, monitoring and forecasting of radioactive contamination level of environment, individual dosimeter controlling with thermoluminescent method

Investment Proposal: Creating a new production of health care products based on vegetable raw materials

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