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The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, inaugurated on January 1, 1929, was founded on the basis of The Institute of Belarusian Culture (Inbelkult, 1922--1928) which was reorganized to the Academy of Science through the Decree of Central Executive Committee and Soviet of People's Commissars of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic on October 13, 1928. During the past 85 years the Academy of Sciences has made the important contributions to the development of science and technology in Belarus, strengthening national economy and defence, and training large numbers of professionals for research centres, higher educational institutions and various branches of industry.

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The site of the Head Office of the Academy of Sciences (the NASB Presidium Building), which has the status of historical-cultural value of the Republic of Belarus, and the main part of its institutions is Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. Some institutions are situated in district centers of Belarus -- Brest, Gomel, Grodna, Magilyou and Vitsyebsk, and also in some other regions of Belarus. In order to organize, perform and coordinate fundamental and applied scientific research and developments within the region, the Gomel Branch of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus created.

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